The Process

The typical Process involves the following timeline:

Contact Us

When you make your first inquiry, either by phone or via the contact page, we will follow up with a few questions about why you are seeking our advice and your current circumstances. Once we have determined that we are well positioned to assist you, we’ll make you an appointment with one of our qualified Financial Planners and send you an information pack.

This contains:

  • Our Financial Services Guide (FSG) with information about our License and your Financial Planner
  • Our fee structure
  • A checklist of what to bring with you to your initial consultation
  • Directions to our office

Initial Consultation

The first meeting with your Financial Planner is a chance to discuss your current situation, financial objectives and any questions you might have about superannuation or Centrelink rules. This consultation will usually take at least 90 minutes. We do charge a fee for our time in this consultation meeting.

We want to take the time to understand your situation and highlight any risks and potentially relevant options or strategies. We want to determine whether we are the right financial planners for you, or if it is in your best interests to see another specialist.

It is important to note that in this first meeting we are legally unable to provide personal financial advice, as this must be provided in writing in the form of a Statement of Advice(SOA) document – which is the next step in the process.

At the end of the meeting, we will agree on the next step. There is no obligation to proceed further if that was all you needed.

If we agree to provide advice, we will prepare a Letter of Engagement with a quote, in dollars, to prepare your Statement of Advice.

Statement of Advice

Once you have agreed to proceed we will conduct research on your existing investments and spend the time required to consider the range of relevant strategies and prepare financial projections.

We will then outline a set of recommendations in a written report or Financial Plan called a Statement of Advice (SOA). This is a legal document required for any personalised financial planning advice, and it contains important information explaining:

  • The recommended strategies
  • The expected outcomes of the advice in relation to your objectives
  • Any fees associated with the advice and/or any recommended financial products

Once we have prepared your SOA, we then meet with you to go through the recommendations in detail – this meeting tends to take between 1.5-2 hours.


Once you are comfortable with our recommendations in the SOA and all questions or adjustment requests are cleared up, it’s time to put your plan in place.

As your Financial Planner, we will prepare all the paperwork and necessary forms and applications to establish your investments. We can even take care of Centrelink paperwork such as Age Pension applications, updates and Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Cards.

Before processing the documentation, we’ll meet with you again, usually for about 45 minutes, to go through the actions. Once completed, we will confirm the implementation in writing and establish when we should meet next.

Ongoing Service and Regular Plan Review

Markets go up and down, the rules change and indeed your goals and circumstances can change too. All along, you can rest assured that we are keeping your finances on track by reviewing your plan and identifying the need for adjustments. We are also accessible for you should any queries come up.

We will prepare you a written report and meet with you in person at least once each year to review your progress and provide further advice.

In a nutshell, our partnership allows you to enjoy your life with peace of mind that we are taking care of things.

At Bruining Partners you are never locked in – should you decide you wish to end our engagement you can cancel our services at any time.

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