Personal plans for public servants

Are you a current or former Government employee and a member of a State or Commonwealth Super scheme? If so, we have the expertise and experience to make the most of what a career in public service has earned you.

We have many clients who worked for the WA Government and have identified the tendency for confusion around the unique rules and opportunities within the GESB West State & Gold State Super Schemes. Our advisers are GESB experts and have the experience to help you put a reliable plan in place according to your personal circumstances.

We also have first-hand experience with the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS) and the Public Sector Superannuation Scheme (PSS).The best decision to make will be dependent upon your personal situation and preferences. Our planners will help you identify your best options.

We have helped many public sector clients navigate the complicated tax and superannuation implications of being within defined benefit schemes and ‘untaxed’ schemes. Let us make it simpler for you – and share our recommendations to reduce your risk and maximise your position.

“As a Public Servant, it was important that the Financial Planner we choose had a very good knowledge of State Government Superannuation (GESB) rules.

I would recommend Bruining Partners because of their overall knowledge, professional services offered and tailormade strategies.”

John (Bruining Partners client since 2013)

“We first met Nick nearly 30 years ago. We couldn’t imagine being in our position, now enjoying retirement, without all of Nick’s dedication.

We have recommended Nick to many of our friends. He is always friendly, caring, obliging, professional and we always leave feeling as though our financial situation is in good hands.”

Penni and Eric (Bruining Partners clients since 1992)

“Without Bruining Partners timely advice my financial situation would not have improved so rapidly in my last few years of full-time work. They know me I recommend Bruining Partners all of the time.”

Bev (Bruining Partners client since 2013)

“The benefits of working with Bruining Partners are Independence, transparent fee structure and regular meetings to stay on track with goals.

We would recommend them to our friends because Bruining Partners are friendly and professional and want to ensure you get the best outcomes possible. They help keep you on track.”

Daniel and Carly (Bruining Partners clients since 2014)

“Nick’s radio segments sounded as though he knew what he was talking about, used language suited to and understood by us, and spoke common sense – these values are reflected in his staff. They are knowledgeable and competent, readily contactable, and we have confidence in the recommended financial strategies.”

Doug and Marion (Bruining Partners clients since 2014)

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